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Self-Paced Course Endorsements


Cooper-Warren-resizedRecommended To Samaritan’s Purse Post-Residency Program

I worked through the INMED Self-Paced courses myself. They are very good, and a great way to cover information that is relevant to anyone serving in the developing world. In this light, I have recommended these courses become part of the Samaritan’s Purse Post-Residency Program curriculum. Another forum that would be appropriate is the yearly CMDA conference that takes place alternating between Thailand and Kenya. Participants could not only heighten their vital skill about also obtain the necessary CME credit. I certainly commend INMED for the hard work that has gone into these educational resources.

Warren Cooper, MD
General Surgeon
Samaritan’s Purse

Fields-JeanThese Innovative Courses Are An Outstanding Resource

“These innovative courses are an outstanding resource for all students in the healthcare professions, as well as for seasoned providers who desire to serve in medical missions or impoverished communities. INMED has taken volumes of information and produced concise and readily understandable Courses. Importantly, these Courses will assist nursing faculty to integrate global health content into their curriculum. The Courses may also be used as self-study guides for both nursing students and nursing professionals who are preparing to serve in developing countries. From my own experience in teaching and medical mission service, these are welcome, valuable resources.”

Regina Fields, RN, MSN, CNS
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Research College of Nursing, Kansas City, Missouri

sly-anneComprehensive Introduction For Those Entering International Service

“INMED’s Self-Paced Courses provide a comprehensive introduction for any healthcare professional who is entering international service. They illuminate the socioeconomic and political influences on world health and provide an important insight into the challenges involved in making progress. The Courses include an overview of “diseases of poverty” that are frequently outside of our experience. The Course on cross-cultural skills is a sensitive and realistic approach to the challenges of cultural adaptation. Importantly, the Course on health leadership offers a foundation necessary to implement effective improvements for people who exist on the fringes of healthcare.”

Anne Sly, MD
Associate Program Director
Research Family Medicine Residency
Formerly of Cornell University’s Thailand medical relief project

armistead-scottEspecially Relevant And Pertinent For Entering An Unfamiliar World

“I heartily recommend the international medicine course and book offered through INMED. It is especially relevant and pertinent to the medical student, resident or medical professional who is travelling for the first time out of the Western world and into a world that is medically and culturally unfamiliar. This is the sort of material I would have found helpful when I went as a medical student and again, as a resident, to East Africa.”

Scott T. Armistead, MD
Staff Physician, Bach Christian Hospital
Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan

may-maryI Wish I’d had This Fifteen Years Earlier

“The INMED Self-Paced Courses are excellent preparation and training tools for any healthcare professional who desires to serve in a developing nation or a culturally diverse community. Much of what I’ve learned as a medical missionary nurse has been forged by trial and error while serving in extreme poverty conditions in southern Africa and Asia. I only wish I’d had access to this material fifteen years earlier! I enthusiastically recommend these courses for new and returning volunteers. They will take years off one’s learning process.”

Mary May, RN
Kansas University Medical Center
All Nations Healthcare Ministry, Tanzania

lemaster-joeRarely Encountered Such Excellent Educational Tools

“INMED’s international medicine curriculum is similar to a Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. INMED also provides training in cultural adaptation and developing leadership skills. I am aware of no other such broad-based, widely reaching organization supporting students and other learners who are interested in serving cross-culturally. Those who take advantage of INMED’s conferences and resources will be much better prepared to serve those most poor. For people who are considering overseas medical involvement, I also recommend the Exploring Medical Missions conference, where they will have opportunity to meet the leaders in this field and to discover how they might get involved. I cannot recommend INMED’s conference and resources highly enough.”

Joe LeMaster, MD, MPH (London)
Associate Professor, Dept. of Community and Family Medicine
University of Missouri, Columbia
Formerly of the United Mission to Nepal, 1990-2000

carr-thomasExcellent Preparation for Anyone Who is Preparing for International Service

“INMED’s Self-Paced courses are a good general introduction to international health. The Public Health Course emphasizes the role of economics, nutrition, and maternal-child health, rather than simply addressing prevention of tropical diseases. The International HIV Medicine Course helps participants adjust to the challenges of providing care in low-resource settings. The Cross-Cultural Skills course is relevant to most any healthcare practitioner. These Courses are excellent preparation for anyone who is preparing for international service. They simulate the Diploma programs at the Liverpool or London School of Tropical Medicine, but the on-line learning opportunity makes the far more convenient and cost-effective.”

Thomas Carr, MD, DTM (Ireland & Gorgas)
Gastroenterologist, Hospital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti
Medical Consultant, United World Mission, 1999-Present

searle-howardExcellent Resources for Prospective Volunteers

“I asked five senior physicians in Emmanuel Hospital Association to review INMED’s Self-Paced Courses. These leaders in hospitals, community health, and HIV/AIDS care in underserved areas of rural northern India applauded the effective way in which the useful information is shared. These Courses are excellent resources for prospective volunteers in international healthcare settings. Given the author’s personal and diverse experience on-site they are able to authoritatively share insights to prepare and polish the skills of those anticipating similar involvement. These are ‘must do’ preparation for healthcare professionals seriously considering short or longer-term service in low-resource communities.”

Howard Searle, MD
USA Executive Director
Emmanuel Hospital Association

railey-patrickA Perfect Balance With a Complete Review of Healthcare Topics

“The INMED Self-Paced Courses have now become the center point of Operation Mobilization pre-field training for medical ministry trips. They present a perfect balance with a complete review of healthcare topics – helpful for the first time participant and with the brevity appropriate for a seasoned practitioner’s needs are well. The emphasis throughout the Courses on cultural adaptation and interventions that actually improve community health status will bring the novice up to speed on years of experience in just a few hours. The cost of these CME accredited Courses is also extremely reasonable. They are valuable tools!”

Patrick Railey, M.D.
Director of Medical Ministries
Operation Mobilization (OM)

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